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Transport cases & protective cases – MAX Outdoor Cases

Rugged transport & protective case

Indestructible transport cases and protective cases designed for continuous use – versatile as industrial, weapons, equipment, camera or photo cases.

High quality protection for on the go

As standard with high quality, multi-layer grid foam inserts for maximum protection during storage and transport – Top price-performance ratio and always available for immediate delivery

Custom insoles

Production of individual foam inserts with precisely worked cut-outs – Specially tailored to the wishes of our customers and produced in state-of-the-art German machinery

Transport case and protective case for all extremes

Designed and developed for outdoor use in the harshest conditions

The transport cases (MAX Cases) and protective cases have been developed for the toughest outdoor use and can withstand any endurance test. All cases are designed for a temperature range of -30°C to +90°C, meet the strict IP67 standard and are 100% waterproof, dustproof and shatterproof. The absolutely indestructible hardcase is ideally suited for industrial use. The transport cases and protective cases combine top quality (no Asian import) and highest functionality by means of various foam inserts – designed for continuous use.

High quality transport cases & boxes

TOMcase thus offers you a very high-quality, impact-resistant and absolutely waterproof protective case, which is ideal as an industrial case and also as a photo case or camera case. Very popular also in sports as a gun case or for sports archers. The MAX Outdoor Case with the unbeatable price/performance ratio is perfect for this. You can choose from different sizes and colors as well as with self-configurable, multilayer grid foam insert. We are happy to manufacture individual hard foam inserts for industrial use, which can be precisely adapted to your transport goods such as measuring devices, tools, drones and many other apparatuses using water jet technology. Our transport cases (Max Outdoor Cases) are available for immediate delivery.

  • (TR) Trolley: optionally available as a trolley case with sturdy, smooth-running wheels and extendable trolley.
  • TOOL: Perfect as a tool case with the practical compartment insert.
  • All dimensions are also available as standard with flexible, multilayer grid foam (cube foam).

Designed and developed for outdoor use in the harshest conditions

Your advantages at a glance:
  • als wasserdichter Schutzkoffer, Industriekoffer, Waffenkoffer, Gerätekoffer, Kamerakoffer und Fotokoffer geeignet
  • perfekt geeignet als Industriekoffer mit individuellem Schaumstoffeinsatz; auch als Trolley erhältlich
  • 100% wasser- und staubdicht nach IP67
  • der wasserdichte Koffer ist extrem belastbar und sehr benutzerfreundlich mit ausgesprochen hohem Tragekomfort
  • flugtauglich mit vollautomatischem Druckausgleichsventil – kein lästiges Drehen
  • sehr stabile Scharniere und Verschlüsse
  • Ösen zum Anbringen von Schlösser; Tragegurt optional bestellbar
  • fest integrierte Rollen und Trolley (ab Type XT 520)
  • für den Dauergebrauch ausgelegt
  • alle Abmessungen mit mehrlagigem Raster- und Noppenschaum als Standard lieferbar
  • Gestaltung durch Siebdruck und individuellem Schaumstoffeinsatz

Outdoor Cases Xtreme series transport cases & protective cases are 100% waterproof, dustproof and airtight according to IP67 standard.

They are XTREME resilient and reliable, and suitable for demanding applications

With precisely cut inlay made of fine-pored hard foam with exclusive surface sealing suitable for any type of equipment and objects

Air transportable due to fully automatic pressure equalization valve

Very stable hinge along the entire length of the case

Also available with inlay made of multilayer, configurable grid foam (cube foam)

Secure double throw latches and grommets for attaching padlocks

Stackable design

Optionally also with padded carrying strap

Custom foam inserts
  • Hochwertige Einlage aus feinporigem PE-Hartschaumstoff
  • Oberflächenversiegelt (exklusiv bei TOMcase) für höchste Widerstandsfähigkeit
  • Passgenaue, präzise gearbeitete Cut-Outs mittels Wasserstrahlverfahren
Multilayer Cube Foam & Raster Foam
  • Alle Outdoor Koffer sind als Standard mit flexiblem, mehrlagigem Rasterschaumstoff (Würfelschaumstoff) erhältlich
  • Als Standard sofort lieferbar
  • Sehr leicht zu verarbeiten
Brochure (PDF)
Data sheet (PDF)

In our brochure you will find comprehensive information about our transport and protective cases of the series Outdoor Cases Xtreme

Here you can find details about the different sizes, colors, weight and other options. In addition, you will find detailed and high-resolution images for each transport case model in all available colors.

Do you work for a company or public authority? Contact us and get special & customized solutions tailored to your requirements.

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