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GoPro Cases & Softcases

Outdoor Cases & Softcases For GoPro Series

Outdoor cases and soft cases with custom-fit inlay provide maximum protection and comfort for professional equipment – perfect for GoPro series and GoPro Max

Precise hard foam inserts

Maximum safety during storage and transport thanks to precisely cut inlays made of fine-pored rigid foam, which offers your GoPro optimum protection.

GoPro Cases & Softcases

Optimal protection and order for your GoPro action camera

With this professional carrying case, you can conveniently and safely transport your GoPro 7-11 series and GoPro Max in a compact carrying case format. The multi-level inlays provide ample storage space for camera and accessories, so your expensive equipment remains optimally protected, neatly stowed and ready for transport at all times.

The practical and lightweight GoPro soft case

The smallest and lightest transport case in our product line is the Softcase with an empty weight of only 900 grams. It is so compact that it can be easily stowed in a backpack or bag. A practical mesh pocket with zipper in the lid offers additional space for various accessories.

High quality outdoor cases for extreme conditions

Our outdoor cases are made of impact resistant polypropylene shell and meet military standard. They guarantee safe transport by car, plane or train and are suitable for numerous applications. The Outdoor Case is rated for temperatures from -30°C to +90°C and meets the strict IP67 standard, making it 100% dust, air and waterproof. It also features secure, two-stage double throw latches and lugs for padlocks, as well as a carrying strap.

Customization and first-class quality

We offer the highest quality (no Asian import) at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. You can choose from different colors and equip the case with self-configurable multilayer cube foam. In addition, we are happy to manufacture individual rigid foam inserts that are precisely adapted to your product.

GoPro Softcase

This compact soft case with external dimensions of 315x255x160 mm and an empty weight of approx. 900 g offers space for your GoPro and accessories. The blue and black inlay is optimally tailored to the needs of the GoPro Hero 7/8/9/10/11 (not for GoPro MAX) and offers space for frame, Super Suit or alternative exchange housing, Media Mod, remote control and various accessories such as Light Mod, Remo and more. It can store 5 batteries, dual battery charger, super suit back shells, car charger, underwater filter and super charger. Three universal pockets provide additional storage space and there is room for 4 Micro SD cards.

GoPro Case “Compact Edition

This practical and robust case offers optimal protection for your GoPro Hero 7/8/9/10/11 (not for GoPro MAX) and accessories. The blue and black inlay is specially designed for the GoPro with Frame, Super Suit or exchange case, Media Mod, Remote Control, Light Mod, Remo and other small parts. There is also room for 5 batteries, a dual battery charger, Super Suit back shells, car charger, underwater filter, Supercharger and 4 Micro SD cards.

GoPro MAX Case

This functional case with blue-black inlay is ideal for your GoPro MAX with Media Mod as well as other accessories. In the inlay you will find special compartments for the GoPro remote control, Light Mod, Max Lens Mod, Remo and other small parts. There is also room for 4 GoPro MAX batteries, a dual battery charger, Super Suit back shells, car charger, underwater filter and Supercharger. Three universal compartments with different dimensions provide additional storage space, and it has room for 4 micro SD cards.

Brochure (PDF)
Data sheet (PDF)

In our brochure you will find comprehensive information about our transport and protective cases of the series Outdoor Cases Xtreme

Here you can find details about the different sizes, colors, weight and other options. In addition, you will find detailed and high-resolution images for each transport case model in all available colors.

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